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… premium quality black wattle bark extracts since 1952

Based in Dalton, in the picturesque Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands, UCL Company (Pty) Ltd has grown from a wattle bark milling company in 1924 to becoming a large scale enterprise specialising in the manufacture of wattle tannin extracts, sugar and pine lumber. In addition, the company operates 6500 hectares of farm land and runs a Trading division for the supply of requisite agricultural input materials.

UCL’s operations primarily serve the interests of its raw material suppliers who are also the company’s shareholders. The organisation’s objectives encompass the long term sustainability of its supply base and their supporting communities.

UCL Group’s Agricultural Products & Services

Black Wattle Bark Extract:
Mimosa vegetable extract powders are manufactured from the bark of the black wattle tree Acacia Mearnsii and are used in the leather tanning process. Wattle extracts also have adhesive applications which are sold under the ‘Bondtite’ brand for use in the manufacture of plywood and adhesive groups.

Sawmilling & Pine Lumber:
Midlands Pine Products (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of UCL’s and comprises of two sawmills and two timber growing estates.

Sugar Production:
The company has been manufacturing Very High Purity (VHP) brown sugar since 1966. The sugar factory relies on the intake of bi-annual sugar cane characterised by an inherently high sucrose content and low impurities which results in low colour sugar at high purities.

Agricultural Services:
UCL provides extension services sugar cane -, wattle – and pine farming covering various forms of agronomic support in the areas of fertiliser applications, variety selections, land use planning, mapping services and mentorship to name a few.

UCL Payroll Services:
The Group’s security division was established to provide local farmers with a secure payroll service.

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Interesting fact: The wattle tree is well known for its nitrogen fixing capability, a characteristic which promotes soil health and improved biodiversity, thus ensuring a viable and long term commercial undertaking in balance with nature.