About UCL

UCL Company (Pty) Ltd was created in 1924 by Mr. W.S.R Surendorff and Mr. F. Nuss. Their aim was to recruit sufficient member suppliers from the independent wattle growers in Dalton and the surrounding areas.

UCL’s Mission

We will actively pursue growth to realise the current opportunities inherent in global agricultural and related products, while addressing the pertinent issues of agricultural sustainability & credibility in the UCL sphere of influence.

What UCL Offers

UCL Company (Pty) Ltd has a 24hour manufacturing facility in Dalton as well as several farms in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region that provide the following services:

Important Decisions in UCL’s History

  • 1924: Founded the Union Co-operative Bark Milling Company.
  • 1927: Purchased a second wattle bark mill in Dalton.
  • 1938: Affiliated with South African Wattle Growers Union (SAWGU).
  • 1940: Acquired wattle extract company together with SA Wattle Bark Milling & Export association.
  • 1944: Lodged an order for the construction of a tannin extract company.
  • 1952: The extract factory came into production with a capacity of 80 tons of dry bark per day.
  • 1956: Constructed a dam on the Ekamazi River to supply water to the factory for commercial and domestic use.
  • 1964: Constructed a sugar manufacturing plant in Dalton using a new diffusion method.
  • 1964: Co-op was renamed the Union Co-operative Bark and Sugar Company Limited.
  • 1979: Purchased a 1545 Ha sugar and timber estate in Kranskop named ‘Thulini’.
  • 1984: Purchased 5000 acres wattle estate named ‘Harden Heights’.
  • 1984: Purchased Comec Mimosa Extract Company, increasing which more than doubled its production capacity.
  • 1988: Purchased Umvoti Mills in Greytown to manufacture a range of maize products.
  • 1988: Built a Maize Mill in Dalton.
  • 1988: Purchased Seven Oaks Sawmills to process pine saw logs and renamed.
  • 1990: Purchased a 1545 Ha timber and cane farm named ‘Sunnyside’. Sugar factory capacity increased to 150 TCH.
  • 1992: Established a security division for payroll services.
  • 1993 Seven Oaks Sawmills was renamed Midlands Pine Products (Pty( Ltd). Established a furniture factory in Schroders.
  • 2001 Constructed a fire-log plant in Seven Oaks.
  • 2005 Union Co-operative Limited converted to a company and was renamed ‘UCL Company Limited’.
  • 2009 Purchased a 70% share in Küsel Saw Mills and incorporated same into Midlands Pine Products (PTY) Ltd.
  • 2010 Purchased a 1600Ha timber farm in the Karkloof named ‘The Forest’.
  • 2011 Purchased a 750Ha timber farm in the Karkloof named ‘Shawswood’.
  • 2012 Constructed a 30t/hr sugar packing station and 20 000t warehouse.