Suppliers Forum

In our efforts to make UCL Company (Pty) Ltd an integrated, sustainable and profitable organization and to maintain a relationship between growers and the millers that stands out in the industry, the supplier’s forum was established in 2004 to facilitate the communication between growers and the board of directors.

The supplier’s forum consists of growers and board elected members that cover the three business sections of UCL Company (Pty) Ltd namely Cane, Sawlogs and Wattle.



Board Elected Members

Mr. C. Freese Cane   Mr. M. Mason Wattle
Mr. F. Klipp Cane   Mr. J. Stegen Sawlog
Mr. K. Bouverie Wattle – Southern KZN   Mr. M. Klipp Board Member
Mr. I. Hill Wattle – Midlands KZN   Mr. C. Freese Cane
Mr M. Grobelaar Wattle - Northern KZN      
Mr C. Van Breda Sawlogs      
Mr K. Schulz Environmental      
Mr D. Schroder Pests and Diseases      
Mr B. Seele Additional