The inside track


Inside Track - Nov 2015
The first seedcane of N50 was received from SASRI in 2010. Sadly this had too many off types and was therefore not bulked to growers. In 2011 clean seedcane was received in the form of NovaCane which was planted at Torwoodlea under irrigation.

Integrated management of plant parasitic nematodes

Inside Track - Nov 2015
The industry loses approximately 1.6 million tons of cane annually due to nematodes. Much of this loss can be alleviated through proper management of the pest. Traditionally nematodes have always been managed with the use of nematicides. However, there are some existing farm practices that can be exploited to help manage a nematode problem without the use of a nematicide.


Inside Track - Sep 2015
Already a year has passed since the launch of the SUSFARMS 2018 Collaboration in June 2014, and there has been significant progress in securing funding, appointments of staff and commencing with the activities identified in the workplan.

Varieties for low potential sites

Inside Track - Sep 2015
Due the current drought Eldana is being found in cane younger than 12 months in some areas. As growers know by now a holistic approach to IPM is necessary to combat Eldana.

Fertilising after a drought

Inside Track - Jul 2015
Due to the obvious losses that are being incurred due to the current drought growers are wanting to save where ever they can.

Season’s Quality & Yield

Inside Track - Jun 2015
I am sure that you are all aware of the fact that the cane yield for 2015 has been severely affected by the 2014 drought and frost; dropping from an average of ±81.3t/ha to this year’s 64.7t/ha. This is so far the second lowest yield attainted in the period 1988 to date.


Inside Track - Apr 2015
Non-Test The test frequency for 2014 was 57%, which obviously means that 43% was not tested. Below is a chart indicating the main reasons for the Non-tests.

RD & E feedback

Inside Track - Feb 2015

SuSFarMS 2018

Inside Track - Nov 2014

Sour Rot

Inside Track - Oct 2014