The inside track

Can Quality

Inside Track - May 2013
Considering the good growing conditions that were experienced resulting in high tonnages, it was expected that the quality at the beginning of the season would be slightly lower than average. Growers that ripened their cane effectively saw great benefit, in some instances a benefit of ±R4’000/ha was calculated.

Variety entries on cane delivery notes

Inside Track - Apr 2013
Many growers do not fill in their delivery notes correctly regarding the varieties. Entering false information on delivery notes has serious implications for the end of year statistical analysis of variety performance. Growers are urged to fill in the correct information as this also assists in the planning for the MN P&D nursery.

Latest FAS costs

- Feb 2013
The cost of the supplementary analyses is per element; if you were to request an analyses for S & Si the total cost would be R68 + R68 = R136.

Early Season Ripening for 2013

- Feb 2013
Most growers will start the 2013 season with stand-over cane, of which some will have cane which will be older than 24 months in March. Growers can expect the quality of this can to be low; we would like to caution growers not to ripen this cane! The number one rule in the use of ripening is that the sugarcane must be actively growing; cane that is older than 24 months will not have enough stimuli to grow to make use of the ripener; Fusilade may even have a negative effect on ratoonability of the stools under these conditions.

Soil sent to the mill

The Inside Track - Nov 2012
The season started off on a very good note as the soil delivered to the mill was generally below average, some weeks abnormally low for the time of season. For this we would like to thank you.


Inside Track - Sep 2012
During this period of the year growers tend to cut more N31 and frost varieties to take advantage of the higher quality. This would impact on the percentage crush of N12; therefore one should not read too much into the dramatic decrease in seen above. By the end of the year it will probably stabilise near 50%.

Soil Sampling

The Inside Track - Aug 2012
Many growers have built up a good history of soil data over the years and have used this as a base for their fertilizer programs. As you all should know by now FAS revised their fertilizer recommendations last year October; it is therefore strongly recommended to sample as many fields as possible as many of them will be very different to the historical recommendations (the biggest difference being an increase in the N and K recommendations).


The Inside Track - May 2012
An estimated 5.5t of Glyphosate has been distributed to growers in the Midlands North area since the beginning of March. Growers that received weedicides before May are reminded to please send the post application photos by the end of June.

Cane deliveries

The Inside Track - Apr 2012
Deliveries from some growers have been poor so far this season! There are some valid reasons; but some growers are already more than 2 weeks behind the expected season's delivery. A reminder to all growers that any grower that is more than 2 weeks behind their expected season's delivery (5%) will be capped from the beginning of June to the end of September; i.e. the grower will only be able to catch up any shortfall experienced from October onwards.

Maize Streak Virus Update

The Inside Track - Mar 2012
SASRI has been researching the virus extensively over the past few years; below is a short update on the information that has been gathered so far. There are two insects that act as vectors of MSV; C. mbila and C. anestae.