The inside track

Doornkop irrigation trial

Inside Track - Oct 2010
Above is a summary of the past 5 years’ results of the Doornkop irrigation trial. N36 has stamped its’ authority on this trial being out performed only once by N25 by a very small margin. The quality results of N25 in the northern irrigated reigns simply cannot be replicated in the Midlands due to the lack of heat units.

Organic amendments and Nematodes

The Inside Track - Aug 2010
Sugarcane growers close to the mill have the opportunity to access an unending source of organic material (filtercake, fly ash) that can be used to minimize nematode damage.


Inside Track - Jul 2010
Since the new rules and regulation regarding the product were put in place and the perceived high cost, many growers have opted not to use Temik anymore.

Sandpruit Trial Results

The Inside Track - Jun 2010
Sandpruit Trial Results The Sandspruit trial is in the Mt. Elias area, on a northern aspect, on soils with a clay percentage of ±10% and is cut on an 18 month cutting cycle. The reason for establishing the trial is to see which varieties would be able to perform if Eldana would force us to shorten our cutting cycle in the low potential soils.