Soil sent to the mill

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The season started off on a very poor note as the soil delivered to the mill was generally very high up until early winter.

RV Top 10 for September

Mount St Bernard Trust 13.81%
Overstone Trust 13.28%
E. D. Kriel 12.99%
W. R. W. Trust 12.90%
P. J. Schröder 12.84%
M. A. Klipp 12.81%
D. J. Scheuer 12.80%
L. H. Schröder Farming Trust 12.74%
Pine Valley Trust 12.74%
Concord Farming 12.71%

Industry figures for September

Malelane 14.76%
Komatipoort 14.37%
Pongola 13.70%
UCL 12.21%
Noodsberg 12.09%
Umzimkulu 11.80%
Eston 11.73%
Maidstone 11.48%
Sezela 11.33%
Amatikulu 11.27%
Felixton 11.07%
Gledhow 10.99%
Darnall 10.87%
Umfolozi 10.76%
Industry 12.19%



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Soil sent to the mill

The season started off on a very poor note as the soil delivered to the mill was generally very high up until early winter.

With increasing rainfall in spring one does expect an increase in the amount of soil that is delivered, but as of late the levels been extremely high! The average Ash% tested over the past 8 weeks has been 35% higher than our long term average. We understand that growers are under pressure to try to deliver all their cane by the end of the season and that this has caused many to be less pedantic when loading their cane. We would like to urge growers to still put in an effort to send clean cane, as dirty cane has some major negative effects on the mill.

Below are two strategies to reduce the amount of soil delivered to the mill.

  • Make certain the space between the tops and the stalk is large enough for a person to walk between comfortably. Tops pick up more soil than stalks!
  • Arrange the stalks in grab size bundles. Push-piling is the greatest culprit!

The above mentioned tips will also assist in reducing the number of rocks sent to the mill.

With growers trying to plan their burns around the rain days, some have started burning too far ahead. We appreciate the attempt in keeping cane deliveries going, but this needs to be balanced with cane quality. The dextran levels have been increasing rapidly. We request growers not to burn unnecessarily far ahead as this does have an extremely negative effect on mill performance and sugar quality.


  • The planned mill closure for the sugar mill will be on Saturday 17th of December.
  • Seedcane prices for this season can be found below:
    • Commercial R630/t
    • Approved   R755/t
    • Certified      R945/t

If you are paying Approved or Certified prices, please make sure that the seed has been passed by P&D as such.


There has been an increase in the season’s bark prices. The bark prices for the coming season are as follows.

A grade                  R1’660
B grade                  R1’460
C grade                 R750
Stick Bark              R1’230

We will be paying an incentive of R100/t while our deliveries are below 80% of allocation.

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